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While we make every effort to keep our contacts up to date, the focal point listings provided below are liable to change without notice. If you have trouble with getting in touch or want phone and other contacts, contact the Bureau.

GOVT focal points

NGO/CSO focal points

Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

Emerenciana Peter-Palican, Special Assistant for Women's Affairs, Governor'sOffice
Fax: 670 288 0845

Rosie Pangelinan, PIO
Women's Affairs Office




Federated States of Micronesia

Jane Elymore
Women's Officer
National Women's Program
Dept of Health, Education and Social Affairs

National Women's Advisory Council,

Fax: 691 320 2330 


Executive Director
Bureau of Women's Affairs
Office of the Governor




Aren Teannaki
Women's Development Officer,
Ministry of Environment and Social Development


Meere Riwata
President, NCW
AMAK Centre


Marshall Islands

Ione deBrum, Manager
Women in Development
Ministry of Internal Affairs




Joy Heine, Director
Women's Affairs section
Chief Secretariat

Fax: 674 444 3788

Peta Gadabu,
Nauru NCW

Fax: 674 444 3755


Maria Goretti Masayos
Women's Resource Centre




The Pacific Women's Bureau (PWB), is part of  the
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).
We work closely with with the Pacific Youth Bureau and the Cultural Affairs Program 
towards the same goal: Empowered pacific island women, young people, and strong cultural identities.

The Bureau provides technical and advisory services to the 22 island member countries of the SPC through  national focal points for women  and the  SPC Pacific Conference for Women, held every three years


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