Punanga Tauturu Incorporated
Cook Islands Womens Counselling Centre

Ph: 21133
E-mail: rongo@punangatauturu.org.ck

A non-governmental organisation set up in 1994, Punanga Tauturu Inc (PTI, known otherwise as the Cook Islands Women’s Counselling Centre):

Aims/ Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Punanga Tauturu include:

i. To provide a supportive environment for women to make decisions themselves and to determine their future when they have become victims of domestic violence and rape;

ii. To provide a 24-hour crisis telephone service and confidential counselling for victims of domestic violence and rape;

iii. To provide a centre where women can seek help and support and feel safe from violent family situations;

iv. To develop educational awareness programmes (written materials, radio, TV, programmes and community training sessions) for women and children in the community in terms of their rights;

v. To educate the perpetrators of family violence on anger management;

vi. To develop educational awareness materials, including brochures, posters and pamphlets for distribution in the schools and community;

vii. To review existing legislation dealing with women's and children's rights under the law with regard to domestic violence and rape and make recommendations for improvement.

The Violence Against Women and Children Project has been funded by bilateral aid from NZAID since at least 2000. RRRT/UNDP under the PRAJA project has funded the coordinator of the Legal Literacy Programme since at least 2001.